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Data destruction service

Data Destruction Service

Private information is not only bank accounts and medical records...
The most valuable thing on a computer is not the CPU, but the data.
Every day and every business, more or less confidential information is generated, from employee medical records to strategic planning documents.
ID theft threatens personal reputation, while commercial espionage is destroying company reputation and governance security.
Miaoyi Technology’s data destruction service is developed to prevent the leakage of personal privacy and company confidential information.

Miaoyi data destruction service can:

# Prevent customer information leakage and misappropriation
# Protection of trade secrets and intellectual property
# Destruction is equipped with full monitoring, foolproof
# The service model can be flexibly customized and can be adjusted with business changes

Physical erasure


Software erase


Physical crush


Whether it is door-to-door service or removal, whether it is physical erasure or software destruction, Miaoyi promises to meet your requirements. Protecting your business is our business.

​Comparison of data destruction technology

Destruction Service Process

Since the SOX Act was issued, data security has become an important consideration when companies eliminate IT assets. After all, the most valuable thing on a computer is the data, not the CPU. Data leakage can cause major losses in intellectual property and finances, and even lead to criminal proceedings. So, how to destroy the data ?

Miaoyi data destruction steps:

1. Register customer requirements: please click here to register customer requirements information ; we will make a formal quotation after receiving your specific requirements;

2. Signing contract: The customer and Miaoyi sign the data/document destruction contract (built-in confidentiality agreement), agree on the destruction requirements and SoW, and send the official seal of the destruction contract (including the confidentiality agreement) to (send an email) Remember to replace # with @); For companies that do not require a contract for destruction, please be sure to stamp the quotation to confirm the service content and charging standards;

3. Destroy: Make an appointment for Miaoyi service here. Miaoyi destroys data and documents for the customer in accordance with the data destruction contract, and records the entire destruction process (photograph or video); after the destruction operation is completed, the customer needs to submit a confirmation sheet for the completion of the destruction operation ; this form is used to generate delivery documents and settlement;

4. Delivery documents: After the destruction is completed, provide the customer with a data destruction certificate, including the job completion confirmation number / hard disk media serial number / data destruction method / destruction result. The delivery format is either an electronic stamped destruction certificate or a paper stamped destruction certificate .

Destruction Case

Customers all over the country, mostly well-known foreign companies

Destruction certificate sample

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