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P-4 level of safety = 4mmX40mm paper scraps

P-5 level of security = 2mmx15mm paper scraps

Paper document destruction service

Shredding Paper Service

We will first determine your specific requirements for document destruction, and then arrange a service plan for you. Regardless of on-site or off-site, well-trained destroyers will complete the task without compromise. Any paper documents can be destroyed, such as account books/contracts/accounting vouchers/test papers/books/secret documents/securities information/insurance information/bank information, etc. According to the customer's emphasis on information security and budget arrangements, we have prepared three sets of plans for you to choose from.



Computer Circuit Board Macro

Destroy all kinds of paper documents at home, charge by the hour



writing on computer

Carpool with other customers to the operation center for destruction

Pull away by car


Man Hands On Keyboard

Destroyed by a special car, you can send someone to supervise the car

P1-P7​ are the seven security levels specified by the DIN66399 international destruction standard. Miaoyi usually starts from P4 to ensure that it can meet the security requirements of general documents.

International standard: DIN66399

Miaoyi complies with DIN 66399 standard for data destruction, and can customize services according to customer needs

DIN is the standardization authority in Germany, and DIN 66399 is the new standard for the German data destruction industry and the leading international standard.

The storage media containing our confidential data and information are varied. Along with paper, the classic data medium, digital data media now also plays a major role. The DIN 66399 standard takes this diversity into account, and defines what security means for all our modern media. The DIN 66399 supersedes DIN 32757 and describes the requirements for machines and processes for shredding data media. The standard was developed by the Standards Committee for Information Technology and Applications (NIA).

Three protection categories and seven safety levels specified by DIN66399


DIN66399 agreed protection matrix


Six data carriers included in DIN66399


DIN66399: Seven safety levels corresponding to six carriers


DIN66399: Paper scrap size corresponding to six security levels


The Miaoyi process perfectly matches the destruction process of DIN66399

Paper files destroyed comparison

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