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Tier 4 security = only use physical erasure or only software erasure

Tier 5 security = physical erasure (NSA) + physical destruction

Physical crush

Shred Hard Drives

Physically crush the disk or tape into particles. After crushing, the particles can be 30mm, 15mm or even less than 10mm. The main crushing parts are the hard disk spindle, magnetic head and disc. The hard disk or tape cannot be used continuously, and the noise is relatively loud when shredding, and a relatively closed space is required to reduce the noise. Requires 380V alternating current. The machine is very heavy and inconvenient to carry, so the door-to-door service is very expensive. It is recommended to send the hard drive to us for crushing. However, if you have thousands of hard drives, the cost per hard drive will be cheaper.

Physical crushing and physical destruction

visual impact

Computer Circuit Board Macro

Visually very safe


writing on computer

Save time

very safe

Man Hands On Keyboard

The core components of the hard drive are completely destroyed

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