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The Wolf Project


GDPR has come into effect. To assist companies in responding to GDPR, Miaoyi launched the Wolf Warriors program to help companies respond to changes in information security rules immediately. Participants in the Wolf Warriors plan will receive:

  1. 20% discount on data destruction fee;

  2. The asset disposal repurchase price rises by 10%;

  3. ​The top 10 customers will receive the GDPR response strategy white paper (electronic version).

How to participate

​Please fill out the form below to complete the registration before 4/30, complete the asset delivery and data destruction before May 25, and receive the asset disposal report and data destruction certificate before June 1.

Thanks! Message sent.


​After successful registration, please prepare for the internal approval of asset disposal as soon as possible, count the hard drives to be destroyed, and ensure that data destruction and asset delivery can be completed before May 25. In this way, you will be able to receive the data destruction certificate before June 1, which can be used as a record certificate for the GDPR audit.

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