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Do charity together

When disposing of used IT assets, individual customers will face some practical problems, which affect the enthusiasm for IT asset disposal, such as:

1. The R&D department is a cost center and should not have income. Therefore, the sales of idle IT assets have gained income, but they don't know how to do the accounting;

2. The assets belong to Department A, but the internal regulations stipulate that the income from the sale of assets can only be turned over to Department B (such as the Purchasing Department or the Finance Department);

3. The income from the sale of IT assets is subject to VAT (17%).

If IT assets are donated to organizations in need, the above problems can be effectively resolved. Practice has proved that disposing of IT assets through Miaoyi’s donation program can easily reap the following benefits:

1. Fulfill the social responsibility of the organization and spend a small amount of money to win a big reputation;

2. Avoid certain tax burdens (such as 17% value-added tax);

3. It can not only comply with the requirements of environmental protection disposal (the responsibility of the EHS department), but also help the troubled organization gain momentum for development.

To learn how to do charity with Miaoyi Technology, please visit one of our blogs .

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