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Make cities cleaner and make development sustainable

On the premise that the total amount of waste in the city is constant, if the amount of our recycling increases, the amount of waste entering the municipal waste treatment will be reduced, the city will be cleaner, and the reduction of the amount of solid waste landfilled will avoid soil pollution. Recycled materials become the raw materials of the circular economy, which can effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials, save resources, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and play an important role in coping with global warming.

​Recycling Service

Responsible Recycle Service

Resources are limited, but recycling is unlimited. Things that can be recycled are called renewable resources, including waste paper, waste plastic, waste metal, household electronics and electrical appliances, and scrapped cars. Miaoyi's recycling service is launched for these renewable resources, providing enterprise customers with end-to-end door-to-door recycling services. When more and more customers require us to provide recycling services, we realize that the recycling business, which has always been ignored, actually carries the customers' increasing environmental awareness and the concept of seeking sustainable development. Therefore, as an important part of the reverse supply chain, we believe that recycling is a business. When Chinese society regards recycling as a professional business service, it is when the circular economy that supports sustainable development rises.

Benefits of recycling

Recycling is good for the environment: creating new items from recycled materials requires less energy than creating new products from raw materials. Mining minerals and grinding trees into wood requires a lot of energy. Recycling materials that we can reuse many times to protect natural resources, while creating products that our daily lives cannot do without.

Recycling is good for the community: the mines or forests where the raw materials are extracted are often far away from the communities where the commodities are consumed, but recycling can start in your own home. Collecting recyclables and reprocessing them into raw materials for future products is done locally by people who live and work in their own communities. This makes the community cleaner and tidy while reducing the overall carbon emissions of the society.

Recycling reduces pollution: Burning garbage or throwing garbage into landfills will produce by-products that pollute the environment. The mercury and other metals from landfills leak into rivers and oceans, pollute fish, and ultimately harm our health. Recycling reduces waste to landfill, saves land and avoids pollution. Corporate operations make employees more decent and more secure.

Value-added services

​Destruction facility


Miaoyi evaluates the value of recycling objects based on market supply and demand and the quality of the equipment itself. The market supply and demand relationship is changing, and the supply and demand of new products also restrict the residual value of old products. Seasonal fluctuations on the demand side, such as the beginning of school or the return of migrant workers to cities, will raise the valuation of second-hand computers.

Market demand and supply : The dynamic balance of demand and supply determines the price. In the face of a wave of business closures, a large number of old office furniture and old computers emerged. Buyers watched the changes. No good product could sell for a good price. The price of new computers drops, and its substitution effect will force the price of old computers to fall. Just when you are dealing with a batch of assets, you may not be able to catch up with the tight supply and strong demand, so plan ahead.


Quality : A good quality will naturally get a good price. The quality of a notebook is particularly important. Buyers expect to buy an old computer that can last for a few years. The price of a computer with the same configuration but with different grades is quite different. The fewer impurities in a batch, the lower the post-processing cost and the higher the repurchase price.


Distance : This factor is often overlooked. When the recycler asked about the location of the goods, he was calculating the freight. Long distances will increase freight, and there are still unpredictable risks during transportation, so recyclers will naturally keep their prices conservative. It was a lucky thing to find a nearby recycler.

Logistics and warehousing

The treasury lease has expired, but you can't find a place to store the items you are going to eliminate? Find Miaoyi! We provide temporary free-use warehouses for your emergency until you find a suitable buyer. We are well aware that the rushing business is not a good business. You can deposit the things to be processed in Miaoyi's warehouse and slowly find suitable buyers to avoid the regret of selling good goods at the price of cabbage.​


Meet your temporary or long-term storage needs

The trend of "real-time realization" in the retail industry puts a huge demand on the storage space of merchants. Consignment shipments, supplier managed inventory and MABD (must arrival date) are the rules of the game today, not the exception. E-commerce giants are also driving demand for more temporary and auxiliary fulfillment centers. We will work with you to design a permanent or temporary warehouse solution so that you can make the best decision based on good visibility.



We are more professional in reverse logistics

Usually the quotation of the recycler includes the logistics cost of the door-to-door delivery. If the quotation does not include logistics costs, it needs to be paid by the owner. These are terms that must be clear. Recyclers know better than the owners what kind of transportation and what facilities they have to complete the transfer of a batch of goods. Heavy goods require heavy trucks and high hurdle equipment when necessary.


Miaoyi’s valuation is based on our market insights and transaction commitments. Our quotation is not necessarily the highest price, but it is by no means the lowest price. What's more important is that we defend our quotation and make a deal in accordance with the quotation to help you complete a transaction in time. Buyers who have been unable to complete the transaction will pick out 100 ideas to lower the price of the recyclables, and you will have to compromise if you are eager to complete the transaction.​


A good treatment plan should include a contract to explain the rights and obligations of the owner and the recycler, especially the quotation details and delivery rules, to avoid conflicts and deadlock between the two parties. The contract is especially necessary for the recovery of high residual value or large transaction amount. Some owners even require recyclers to clarify in the contract the treatment process and procedures after the items are recycled and promise to meet environmental protection standards. Miaoyi has developed a standard recycling contract and recommends that customers sign the contract first and then carry out the landing operation of recycling.


Regardless of whether there is a contract or not, payment is the most important part of completing a transaction. Miaoyi's payment methods are flexible and diverse, which can be bank transfer, cash or Alipay. At the request of the owner, Miaoyi can pay the final payment before the delivery, or arrange payment within five working days after receiving the customer's invoice. Completing the payment is the last word in the recycling industry, and the high quotation the day before has not been paid is also pale.

Miaoyi recycled tools

If a worker wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools

  • 50-ton heavy transport truck

  • 2 tonnage light transport truck

  • 200 square meter community warehouse

  • 5000 square meters of logistics transit warehouse

  • Mobile crushing equipment

  • Large-scale crushing equipment

  • Incineration plant

  • Rolling destruction tool

  • Confidential document destruction tool

  • Packaging materials suitable for various scenarios

  • Labor protection products

  • Operation Management System

  • Destruction management system

  • Evaluation team

  • Quotation tool

  • LBS-based customer service APP

  • National Hotline

  • Submit requirements online

Recovery price

Computer electronics

Pricing by configuration, CPU/memory/hard disk is the most important.


Quotation is based on weight, with the highest price of book paper


Priced by weight, copper prices are higher and iron prices are lower.

production line

​Based on the original purchase price and the quotation of supporting features, there is a big difference.

Household appliances

Quotation by function and condition.

New Year's Resolutions and 3R Concept

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