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​Asset Disposal Service

Asset Recovery Service

Suppose you encounter the following problems:

# More and more computers are entering the end of their life cycle, and obsolete computers are piled up in warehouses;
# Knowing that some computers contain sensitive data, but you do not have the time and energy to investigate;
# The company headquarters has established a complete computer disposal process, but there are no personnel and conditions to implement it in the branch;
# Choosing an internal company auction sounds like a good way, but it is time-consuming and labor-intensive to implement, and the gains outweigh the losses;
# The price of the existing supplier is too low to meet your expectations of its salvage value. You are worried about not being able to find a better supplier.

Contact Miaoyi Technology, we have prepared a practical solution for you!

Disposal of tailings/inventory assets


Dismantling and shredding assets disposal


Reuse class

Asset disposal

再利用,3R, 循环经济,资源回收

We have been working in the field of asset disposal for nearly 10 years, and every material on your asset list will be carefully investigated. He has been in the industry for many years and has a good record.

We follow the customer's choice
​Complete disposal tasks according to customer requirements

Asset disposal process

1. Register your needs: There are two ways.

The first type: Click here to register customer needs .

The second type: Please send the compiled equipment list to ARS& (replacing & to @ when sending the email), the list needs to have:

1.1 Device model

1.2 CPU/hard disk/memory/DVD/graphics card and other information

1.3 Equipment condition (whether it can be turned on normally, appearance condition, etc.)

1.4 Other information that is conducive to equipment valuation, such as purchase time, frequency of use, etc.

1.5 If the customer does not have the equipment list, he can ask for the " inquiry form " from the representative of Miaoyi, and then fill in the inquiry form.

2. Quotation and signing : Representative Miao Yi sent a "quotation sheet" to the customer, indicating the unit price/total price, for internal review by the customer; at the same time, we will send the customer a " quotation deduction form " to specify the conditions under which the payment will be made. How much is the reduction, that is, if the actual situation of the equipment is different from the description in the equipment list, we will deduct it in accordance with the " quotation deduction table "; after the quotation is approved, the customer can choose to sign the asset disposal contract ;

3. Acceptance: Miaoyi representative inspects and accepts the equipment at the appointed time, usually by random inspection, and adjusts the original quotation up or down according to the acceptance result, and provides the final settlement price to the customer. The acceptance criteria need to reach a consensus with the customer;

4. Delivery: Miaoyi's representative arranges payment and picks up the goods at home. Provide customers with an asset disposal report within 5 working days after the completion of the disposal.

If you want to contact some of our customers directly and get their views on our service quality, please send an email to (replace% with @ when sending the email), and specify which industries you want to contact with Direct communication with customers, we will make an appointment for you with relevant customers soon.


Asset disposal case

Customers all over the country, mostly well-known foreign companies

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