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Miaoyi Technology, protect the beauty

Tailor-Made Service for Asset Recovery and Data Security

Miaoyi Technology was founded on a mission: to protect beauty. Destruction can protect information security and privacy data, disposal can help circular economy, and reuse can help society reduce garbage and waste, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve sustainable development. Safety and sustainable development are the foundation of our better life.

Saving resources : Every 1 ton of paper can be reused to reduce the cutting down of 17 trees; every aluminum can can be reused to save enough electricity to let a 100W light bulb illuminate for 4 hours, or let you watch TV programs for 3 hours continuously.
Reduce garbage and waste : In a landfill, a plastic bag needs 100 to 400 years to be decomposed, and reusing a cloth bag can avoid this cost; some people are accustomed to throwing envelopes in the trash can, others But use it as scratch paper or record shopping list.

The Reuse concept is part of the 3R concept. 3R refers to Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Based on Japan's proposal, the G8 organization formally launched the 3R appeal at the 2004 Island Summit, and officially announced its support and promotion of 3R practices at the 3R Ministerial Conference held in Tokyo in 2005. At this meeting, 20 countries and international organizations discussed the importance of 3R practices for sustainable development and agreed to promote 3R practices within countries and at the level of regional cooperation.

Based on the mission of protecting beauty and the vision of promoting circular economy and sustainable development, Miaoyi Technology is committed to the best practice of destroying first and then disposing. It always adheres to the principle of creating value for customers, and provides the following services around reverse supply chain management:

Destruction service: Use professional destruction equipment to provide corporate customers with data destruction (CD/HDD/U disk and other storage media), document destruction and material destruction to prevent leakage of confidential information, and protect intellectual property rights and brand reputation. After destruction, the waste is transported to the resource recycling center for resource recycling. It can be destroyed at home or transported to the site for destruction.

Inventory clearance: help retailers and brand manufacturers quickly deal with inventory, returns and excess inventory, improve clearance efficiency and return, and operate independently under the name of easy handling​.

Asset disposal service: evaluate the residual value of the company’s obsolete or idle IT hardware equipment, propose data security and disposal recommendations and implementation plans; to ensure data security, provide a permanent data erasure plan to ensure data security in the process of IT asset disposal .

our perspective


Our purpose declares the meaning of our existence. This is the goal we set for ourselves and the ultimate reason for our tireless efforts to create Miaoyi's technological success. Our purpose is to support the cornerstone of our activities. It is rooted in our deep belief that reuse can help people reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to a prosperous tomorrow.

Our purpose

Promote reuse and resource regeneration, promote the prosperity of circular economy, and do our best for sustainable development.

We firmly believe that Miaoyi Technology has the ability to realize its purpose, because we have been determined to make progress. Difficulties emerge every day, but we catch the faint starlight that guides success in the thick clouds and fog; every day, we ask ourselves: "Is there no better way?" We are never satisfied with the little results. And cheap praise. More importantly, we hope to reach a consensus with you.

our perspective


We gather in Miaoyi with knowledge, creativity and vigorous spirit in mind. Our purpose sets the direction for us to move forward, and values ​​are the norms of behavior on the road.


our perspective


Acting together has a positive impact on the world

  • We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through reuse

  • We have worked hard to design a variety of projects, plans and strategies to help customers practice reuse

  • We encourage perseverance instead of chasing short-term benefits

Leading development with a pragmatic attitude and perseverance

  • Listen to the voice of customers and respond to customer needs in real time

  • Win the trust of customers with practical, high-quality and low-cost solutions

  • Create an atmosphere of respect and openness in every interaction

  • Pay attention to different opinions, learn from the experience of all parties and put them into action

Sincerity is spirit

  • We keep our promises to customers, employees and partners

  • Implement a highly transparent operation management, so that people can see how our purpose is implemented in our decision-making

  • Operate in accordance with the law and comply with social ethics

  • Actively participate in public welfare activities to improve the quality of community life



Development history, protect the beautiful journey

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