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We are serious about destroying.

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​Material Destruction Service

Secure Destruction Service

Do not break or stand. Some things must be destroyed to be reassuring, such as expired food, out-of-season products, research and development materials, contracts, and counterfeit and shoddy products. When more and more customers require us to recycle materials and then completely destroy them, we realize that destruction is also an important part of the reverse supply chain. When Chinese society pays more and more attention to information security and intellectual property protection, professional destruction services will naturally enter the value supply chain and be valued. Most of the waste residues after destruction cannot be reused, so there is a charge for destruction.

The role of destruction

"Usually, destruction can achieve four purposes: one is confidentiality; the second is punishment and warning; the third is compliance, complying with certain industry standard systems such as food safety; and the fourth is to protect the environment, such as destroying hazardous waste."

—International Information Destruction Association

​Destruction facility

Destruction plan


4:30 pm

Reputable companies attach great importance to material destruction. For science and technology companies that value the protection of intellectual products, the destruction of research and development samples and counterfeit and shoddy products is of great significance; for public management departments, the destruction of expired food and administrative confiscated goods can serve as an effective warning and deterrent. Miaoyi cherishes the client's entrustment, analyzes your needs and presents our specific methods with a destruction plan, including destruction methods, steps, proofs, quotations, and payment. A good solution is inseparable from the careful cooperation of the customer. The bill of materials sent by the customer to Miaoyi can help us understand the materials to be destroyed and determine the optimal destruction method. The description of the material placement environment can help us equip us with appropriate on-site tools . The destruction plan provided by Miaoyi will state the destruction method, steps and quotation. The method of destruction can be incineration, crushing, rolling, and dissolution. The steps are to clarify the SOW first, then sign the destruction contract, and finally execute it.

Destruction process


10:00 am

Miaoyi’s destruction process takes into account factors such as customer needs, actual conditions and expectations, and striving to exceed customer expectations is our goal.

  • What to destroy: confidential information or non-confidential material

  • Where to destroy: destroy it at the customer's site or pull it away for destruction

  • Destruction method: incineration, crushing, rolling, dissolving

  • Supervision method: send someone to supervise on site or supervise the whole process by video camera

  • Delivery documents: In addition to the issuance of the destruction certificate, do you need a video surveillance DVD disc or a comparison of destroyed pictures

Based on the above problems, Miaoyi provides customers with a destruction plan. After the customer agrees or modifies the plan, the two parties agree on the time and place for the destruction. After the destruction is completed, Miaoyi issues an invoice for the customer, and sends it to the customer together with the destruction certificate and the video surveillance CD. The customer arranges to pay the destruction fee after receiving the invoice.

Destruction certificate


11:30 am

Miaoyi provides a destruction certificate for each destruction business, which records the customer's name, certificate number, destruction time, delivery certificate and destruction result. If customers need to add additional fields, they need to explain to the account manager in advance. Customers usually receive the destruction certificate within five days after the destruction operation is completed. Of course, the electronic version of the destruction certificate will reach your mailbox faster.

The destruction certificate contains Miao Yi’s official seal, indicating that we are willing to bear legal responsibility for false statements.

According to the contract, some certificates of destruction are accompanied by photos before and after the destruction, while others provide a video of the destruction process as proof.

Destruction scene stars

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