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MT-700 is a destruction device that integrates "data erasing function" and "shredding function". This device can erase data first and then physically destroy storage media such as hard disks, floppy disks, U disks, optical disks, and tapes. It is a powerful secret-related carrier destruction equipment, with one machine in hand, worry-free destruction.


Media type: hard disk, floppy disk, tape, CD, U disk, etc.

Executive standard: BMB21-2007, DIN66399

Management method: direct management via computer (both in Chinese and English)

Data erasing time: 30~40 seconds

Shredding time: 10 discs/minute, 1 hard drive/3 minutes

Ambient temperature: -10℃~65℃

Environmental humidity: 10%~95%

Voltage requirements: 220V, 50/60Hz

Power: 90W (when erasing data), 450W (when crushing)

Volume: 1300*400*420 (mm)

Weight: 250Kg

MT-700 erasing and shredding all-in-one machine

¥80,000.00 Regular Price
¥72,000.00Sale Price
  • Within 7 days, the original packaging is intact, the machine has not been used, and the goods can be returned without affecting the secondary sales. The freight is borne by the customer.

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