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The MT-500 storage media destruction machine is a device that can shred entire hard disks. It has the characteristics of thorough shredding and easy operation. The width of its feed opening is large enough for users to put in; the destruction speed is fast, the visual effect is obvious, and the customer experience is better. The product has the ability to shred various media such as hard drives, paper, optical discs, U disks, IC cards and solid state drives. The equipment adopts high-strength knives and is durable. The automatic cleaning function makes the equipment have the ability to automatically remove residual impurities and reduce the failure rate of the card machine. The radar detects whether the material is full or not, so that the fullness of the material in the barrel can be displayed on the panel intuitively. The brand-new appearance design, fashionable and novel, is an ideal crushing equipment.


Executive standard: BMB21-2007, DIN66399

Inlet width: 105×40mm large and 80×40mm small

Waste barrel capacity: 15KG
Shattering effect: 35mm × random (large hard drive effect) 10mm × random (small hard drive effect)
Destruction speed: 3 blocks/minute (large hard disk) 5 blocks/minute (small hard disk)
Voltage/frequency: 380V/50~60Hz, 3700W
Machine size: 850×630×1200 (mm)
Net weight: 390kg

MT-500 Hard Disk Shredder

¥60,000.00 Regular Price
¥54,000.00Sale Price
  • Within 7 days, the original packaging is intact, the machine has not been used, and the goods can be returned without affecting the secondary sales. The freight is borne by the customer.

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