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The National Intelligence Council and four other IC agencies assess that the initial human infection with SARS-CoV-2 most likely was caused by natural exposure to an infected animal that carried SARS-CoV-2 or a close progenitor, a virus that probably would be more than 99 percent similar to SARSCoV-2.

美国国家情报局和其他4个情报机关认为最初的人类感染SARS-CoV-2大概率是自然接触到了带SARS-CoV-2或者类似先祖病毒结构相似度超过99%的动物。 能源部和联邦调查局认为人类感染新冠病毒大概率和实验室活动有关。

中央情报局对病毒出处表示不明。 几乎所有的情报机关都认为SARS-CoV-2不是基因工程产物,大部分情报机关认为SARS-CoV-2不是实验室产物,有一些未做出结论。但是所有的情报机关都认为SARS-CoV-2不是生物武器。

While several WIV researchers fell mildly ill in Fall 2019, they experienced a range of symptoms consistent with colds or allergies with accompanying symptoms typically not associated with COVID-19, and some of them were confirmed to have been sick with other illnesses unrelated to COVID-19.

2019年秋天武汉研究所的研究员数人去看感冒发烧症状,和新冠无关。 虽然对于起源仍然是没说出个所以然,但是把武汉病毒研究所的帽子差不多摘了。至少对美国人说这不是中国基因工程造物生物武器,把之前的部分阴谋论推翻了。 我刚看大致扫了一遍,可能有理解上谬误的地方,大家可以下载下来自己看

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