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MT-100 magnetic storage media erasing machine is a large-cavity data erasing machine, also called degaussing machine, which can quickly and completely destroy information on large-volume magnetic storage media. The destruction media includes server hard disk (without removing the bracket) and large volume Tapes, magnetic cards, floppy disks, etc. The device has passed the identification of the National Security Bureau and the Army's information security products, and can be connected to a computer through a USB port to realize computer management of the data erasure process, and can import the manual data erasure log of the machine Computer backup, data erasure records can also be printed and pasted with stickers, and pasted on the destroyed hard disk as a mark.


Device model: MT-100

Executive standard: BMB21-2007
Destruction media: ordinary hard drives, server hard drives, floppy disks, large tapes, magnetic cards and other magnetic storage media. Display mode: Chinese display, showing data erasure progress, date, voltage, field strength, degaussing times, results, equipment codes, etc. Cavity size: 160.3x35.8x278 (mm)
Alarm method: sound and light alarm. Erasing time: rapid erasing within 30 seconds. Quantity of destruction: 2 hard disks at a time. Monitoring method: built-in field strength monitor and voltage monitor. Safe discharge: automatic safe discharge device erasure log management: erasing process There are detailed log records. Computer management: the computer can fully manage the erasing process. Closed magnetic field: double magnetic shields are set around the degaussing coil of the device, including the cavity, to prevent magnetic field leakage. Environmental humidity: 10%—90%
Voltage requirement: 220VAC±20% (176~264VAC); 50Hz or 180V~380VDC
Power: 200W
Equipment weight: 28kg
Equipment volume: 550x450x195 (mm)

MT-100 degaussing machine (data erasing machine)

¥19,000.00 Regular Price
¥17,100.00Sale Price
  • Within 7 days, the original packaging is intact, the machine has not been used, and the goods can be returned without affecting the secondary sales. The freight is borne by the customer.

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